Re: Question about APRS and Kenwood TH-D74


On 17 Apr 2023, at 15:28, Cliff Sojourner K6CLS via <cls@...> wrote:

mystery solved, great.

but, the D74 does have bugs around QSY: for example, enable QSY status, watch it, correct jnfo for current VFO is transmitted. ok. Change to a d-star memory, watch APRS QSY status, it's OK. Now change away from d-star memory to another memory, say VHF FM... QSY status goes away, oops.
I see!

It´s a pity they are no longer developing it. There is so much you can improve!

For instance, I understand that sending the QSY information for every beacon packet can consume too much radio time when
moving fast and sending them frequently. But if I am on a 10 Km walk and I send a only bunch of beacons it makes sense to send
the information with every packet. There should be some “smart QSY beaconing” feature.

Borja - EA2EKH

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