Question about APRS and Kenwood TH-D74



I have a question about the TH-D74. Sometimes, when going out for a walk or travelling I use to tune to
a free frequency such as 145.525 MHz and I have the transceiver announce it via APRS so that I can be
contacted by anyone around.

However, I have noticed a couple of things.

First, if I check the raw packets on not all of them contain the frequency.

Second, today I switched from 145.525 MHz to 145.550 MHz because of SOTA activity (I didnĀ“t want to
be a nuisance) but I noticed that at least on the frequency listed for my station was still the wrong one.

MY ht is configured with the EA2EKH-7 call in case anyone wants to check.

Thanks and 73,

Borja - EA2EKH

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