Let me prove my ignorance! TM-D700 programming/APRS

Chris Robinson KF6NFW DMR ID 3153250

I am unable to talk to the TM-D700. well beyond screaming at it and expressing my sincere frustrations that it truly could be one of the kids, it listens and cleans my desk just as well.

Kidding aside,

 I have a brand new serial cable between radio and my usb-serial adapter. The pc sees the serial port with now issues. in fact, both pc's I have tried this on see it. The serial adapter does work with other radios and devices.
I am trying to get any software to talk to the radio. I have attempted PinPoint for APRS, no joy. I have tried CHiRP. no joy.

 I have even used the native serial port on the desktop, and still can not see the radio. 

WTF am I doing wrong?

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