Re: TM-271a Fails to Transmit

Les Keegan

Ok very good. Glad that worked. I use Icom commercial mobile radios for digipeaters and they do not have data plugs on the back. So we use the mic jack. When I first set one up I could not get it to work. But a friend of mine told me about that setting and low and behold it worked.  Glad I could help.

Les Keegan

On 11/11/2022 2:21 PM Ron Short <ron@...> wrote:

Hi Les!

You da man!!!

I changed TNC’s to my backup. KPC3 and everything works. Turning the volume up to 11:00 position from 7:00 made the difference 

Thank you Les


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That you. I missed that when I read it.


On 11/11/2022 13:03, Ron Short wrote:
Yes, the radio is a TM-271a model, not the TM-271e model


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