Re: TM-271a Fails to Transmit

Les Keegan

Where is your volume knob setting at. Radios that do not have a Data jack on the back necessitating using the mic jack it is important to note the position of the volume knob. I've seen Icom and Yaseu's used that way set at the 11:00 position to work. Check that as it is easy to knock that position off.

Les Keegan

On 11/11/2022 9:06 AM Ron Short <ron@...> wrote:


My APRS station consists of a KPC3+ and at Kenwood TM-271a radio. Yes, the TM-271a is not the “e” model. The cable from the KOC3+ plugs into the mic on the front panel and speaker jack in the back. 

When APRS transmits, the TNC Tx light turns on, but the TM-271a does not key up. The TM-271a baud is set at 1200.

reading through the manual, I do not see a setting I missed.

Thanks for any help on this.


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