Re: Packet Cable for TM-D710A - 10 - 12 feet

Les Keegan

On 10/29/2022 6:01 PM Mark Holt / W7EAZ City of Federal Way AEC <ham4life73@...> wrote:
My first RT Systems cable I bought for a Kenwood THF6A back in 2005 and it still works today and works on the Chinese plastic fantastic knockoff radios as well since they use the Kenwood style mic jack. Great products.
Les KeeganĀ 

Just get another RT systems cable. I have two for my D710GA.
Just a little over $3 bucks more. It will always work. If you get a Prolific knock-off you're asking for trouble.
I've had more bad luck with knock-off cables. I quit buying knock-offs.

Mark / W7EAZ

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