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Kenneth Thompson


An update on the BEEP. As you and others suggested I did all these things listed. Thank you. 

Still a beep! But when I switched to my D710 which was set on low power, no beep. Huh! Go back to the V71 and cycle thru the power settings, no beep on low and medium. Still a beep on high.
Huh! Look back up stream at all the devices and power sources. I typically operate on solar and battery thru an Epic controller.
Taking meter readings up and down the device chain no power problems identified.

I finally determined the beep was not coming from the radio but the power distribution strip. I found this out only by accident, moving the radio away from the power strip. This allowed me to recognize the beep was from the power strip. This was puzzling to me, because earlier when I looked at the literature for the power strip it identified a BUZZER for low power alarm. A buzzer sound is not a beep sound to me.

Translation issues, I guess.

Issue resolved, action taken, but it took a long time to determine the issue.

Mystery solved,


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        Just to confirm, You have the BEEP turned off in the Menu settings and it still beeps regardless of the settings??
If you have access to another Kenwood RJ45 Mic like the one you have try and swap them out and see if the problem still exists .
I have 3 V71A's and I have NOT had any issues like you have described. Our RACES group has 19 V71A's in 98% of our Fire, PD and
Hospital stations as well as our GoKits for the different areas in the county, ALL programmed via RT Systems and NO one has had the issue you have described.
Wondering if you are getting RFI (High TX SWR) back into the Rig on the Repeater you indicated?
Let us know how it goes. Wish I had a better answer for you!

                                        73 de Steve KB6HOH

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