Re: TM-V71A beep

Steve Toquinto


        Just to confirm, You have the BEEP turned off in the Menu settings and it still beeps regardless of the settings??
If you have access to another Kenwood RJ45 Mic like the one you have try and swap them out and see if the problem still exists .
I have 3 V71A's and I have NOT had any issues like you have described. Our RACES group has 19 V71A's in 98% of our Fire, PD and
Hospital stations as well as our GoKits for the different areas in the county, ALL programmed via RT Systems and NO one has had the issue you have described.
Wondering if you are getting RFI (High TX SWR) back into the Rig on the Repeater you indicated?
Let us know how it goes. Wish I had a better answer for you!

                                        73 de Steve KB6HOH

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