Re: Source for TM-D710G PDF manuals


On 2022-07-30 12:05, AzEagleEye wrote:
Hi Mark,
If you have downloaded, then you
effectively have all that info (those files).
Your list picture is simply a TOC for the CD-ROM manual, not
individually available PDF files, AFAIK, though they may have been in
the past.

73 de Dennis KD7CAC
Apache Junction, AZ
Hullo Mark,

Further to the comment by Dennis, when the WWW was younger and folks used Dial Up and other technologically (vs administratively) throttled connections, many manufacturers and for that matter gov't departments or agencies, would often post smaller files like this.

My frustration at that time was the absence of a large, single file. One I could more easily read or do word searches within.

If you strongly desire and cannot find these chapters as single files then perhaps grab something like
PDF Fill Free PDF Tools and make your own.
(It's an awkward name. PDF Fill is the outfit and main product, the associated tools are free.)

73, John
J. D. Erskine
Victoria, BC

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